No cats were hungry during the making of these GIFs

In which I detail how I plan to guilt people into paying on time via the medium of cat GIFs.

12th May 2016

I like FreeAgent as it takes a lot of the hassle out of time-keeping and invoicing. One of the things it can do is send automatic reminders to late-payers, and thank-yous to people when they do pay.

One of the biggest challenges for a freelancer – and my central concern – is cashflow, so unless you’re charging many times over what you actually need month-to-month, you’ll probably start out living a little hand-to-mouth. So how do you coax people into paying on time? “Well”, I thought late last night, “why not with GIFs?”

So this morning before work, I recorded a couple: one to thank people for paying, and another one to send a month after an invoice is overdue (I send an email 7 days after the due date of unpaid invoices too, but I wanted to leave that one GIF-free).

This one I call “Hungry Misty”, and it accompanies an email explaining that, as a very small business I rely on people paying on time.

Daddy, I haz a hungry

OK. And finally, the sequel: “Happy Misty”, in which my cat eats breakfast, added to my emails to thank people for paying.

Omnomnomnom prrrrr

Hopefully this small amount of minor pet abuse will go a long way to making sure she’s kept in Whiskas for years to come. And who knows, maybe even me too?

I love my cat.

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