BBC Digital Guerillas, a group of funny creatives in Birmingham took over the social media profiles for BBC Taster, and for a week came up with images, infographics and games that reacted to the news stories of the day.

I was asked to get involved and make what I could, so I worked with a number of writers and creatives that Ian and the Digital Guerillas team had got together, to produce a couple of items that would form part of the takeover, dubbed OddTaste.

Modeled on a soundboard I’d built for Poddle, this lets users play a selection of 24 clips of Boris Johnson making noises, many of which aren’t actual words. My personal favourite is number 23.

On Wednesday, a news story about a footballer had cropped up and the writers were thinking of things to theme around it. I originally pitched an “Ikea furniture or footballer name” quiz, which was then turned into a “footballer name or just random syllables” quiz, which then turned itself into a generator which took a bunch of name parts – some real, most made-up – from the writers and combined them in hopefully funny ways. The whole thing’s built in JavaScript, and took around 3 hours from scratch.

Due to the fast-moving nature of the news – and the minor nature of the story – the piece was commissioned but never made it to the OddTaste feed. If you ask nicely I can show it to you, but I can’t put it online.

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