Ignite Brum is currently on hiatus, and will return soon.

Ignite talks are fast-paced, five minute presentations, delivered alongside a slideshow which has 20 slides. Each slide stays on-screen for 15 seconds, and then automatically moves to the next. Ignite events are held around the world and are free to attend. Many of them include games and giveaways, and all the talks are recorded and available to watch at ignitetalks.io.

I was originally going to be part of a team of producers in 2010, and was approached again in 2014 and then later in 2015 to put on an Ignite event at the Glee Club in Birmingham.

Our first event took place on October 27th 2015, and for the launch I produced a video, welcoming guests and giving a sense of the creativity that makes up the city I’m proud to live in.

I worked with eight speakers and an MC to produce a night of interesting talks. The speakers did the hard work of coming up with their ideas, producing their slideshows and actually presenting them on-stage; my job was to weave them together with additional video, and to add extra fun to the event in the form of a hashtag game… which ended up being quite a success, and saw the winner walk off with tickets for a night at the Hippodrome, which I’d managed to arrange.

For me, the stand-out talk of the night came from my friend Max Woolf, who talked openly and movingly about living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I’m working with the Glee Club to produce a regular schedule of events throughout 2016.

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