Crew Pencil is a service that connects filmmakers and production companies with working crew. Production companies can pencil in crew members on particular jobs, by searching the Crew Pencil database to find people with the right skills and experience, who have the necessary availability.

Crew members can upload their CVs and create fully-fledged profiles so they can be found via the service, and invoice the production companies for the work they’ve done.

The site has a number of how-to videos which explain the key website concepts: how to sign up, upload documents to jobs, invoice for work, pencil in crew etc. They explain exactly how the site works, but they’re not necessarily the most engaging, having been recorded by members of the Crew Pencil development team.

I offered my voiceover services to a number of organisations, initially giving people a free on-spec recording to see if they liked what I did. Crew Pencil were the first to get in touch and ask me to record all 10 of their how-to videos.

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