Ignite Brum #3

Hello. First off, I know you’ve heard it already but thank you very much for coming. I’m the guy who sits at the back and I usually, I’ve no interest in coming up here, because I like to let other people do all the hard work. Now, thing is, when I say “all the hard work”, putting this on, putting on an Ignite event, it’s a lot of work. This isn’t an Ignite talk, that’s why your’e just going to stare at my logo for the next… well let’s say 15 or 20 minutes.

So, it is a lot of hard work, but it’s super-rewarding because we get to hear amazing talks from amazing people about all sorts of topics, and I love putting them on, but it takes a lot so what I’m here to do now is kind of to beg, and to ask very politely that, if you’re interested in this… there’s a thing in Birmingham, in theatre circles that’s known as the “Birmingham effect”, and it’s this idea that basically, people in Birmingham don’t go out to see shit. We don’t come out and we don’t support things very often, so it’s really hard to get something off the ground and make it continuously happen.

And so, every one of these is hard work but like I said, it’s rewarding, and people get to speak who have never spoken before, who have never delivered these kind of talks before.

So, I’m a freelance web developer, podcast producer, audiobook narrator, recorder, voice actor… stuff like that. I put these events on in that, I morale the speakers together and all that kind of stuff, and I’m sponsoring the drinks tonight because I wanted to make sure that this happened (thank you) and people got a good night. (I’m just explaining why my logo’s up in this big screen… I had to make it worth my while somehow!)

But, we live in an amazing city with amazing things happening on our doorsteps, and in places that we don’t think about. Amazing things to see in Birmingham are just a click away, they’re just a subscription to an email newsletter away, so what I will say is: support things, support what is happening in your cities.

If you can find it in your heart to recommend other companies that might want to work with us to keep Ignite going, then that would be incredibly appreciated, because its the largess of venues like the Glee who put us on every few months and are super-supportive and super-helpful in what they do. It’s their generosity that enables this to happen, but also the generosity of those companies who want to get their logo up big, and I’m now being played off because I’ve done my time, but thank you very much for listening to me, and enjoy the rest of the night.

Thank you.

Ignite Brum #3 1st June 2016
The Glee Club - Comedy Club & Music Venue, Hurst Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom