Web development

This is my core skill, and the one I’ve used professionally for years. People have paid me to make websites for them since 2004, and I feel like I’ve got pretty good at it.

What I do now

✓ Make websites with WordPress

✓ Make webapps with Django

✓ Make mobile apps with Titanium

✓ Improve and rebuild portfolio sites

✓ Consult on technical delivery

✓ Write scripts to solve problems

What I'd like to do

Create rapid prototypes and bring hacked-together ideas to life in a short amount of time.

I love making toys and games in HTML and JavaScript, along the Buzzfeed and old UsVsTh3m lines.

I also wouldn’t mind an excuse to use my Apple Developer account.

Podcast production

I also produce a podcast for Think Productive and work with other organisations to bring their podcasting ideas to fruition. I also run the Podiant podcast hosting platform. It’s the best thing I’ve ever made.

Podcasting is one of my major passions, and is something I’d like to do much, much more of.

If you’re considering making a podcast, or you’re curious as to how the medium might help you tell your stories, pop your email address in the box below.

Voice work


I like to combine my technical knowledge, ability to speak Human and a spark of performance nouse to record voice-overs for online videos. If you have a product – like recent client Crew Pencil – you’d like to showcase or crowdfund, drop your email in the box below.


I really enjoy this medium, and so far have completed ten books for the LGBT community.

I’m happy and proud to work on these books, but would love to branch out.

Here’s my work in the Audible store

Tailor-made walkthrough videos

If you’re a digital agency with little time to create how-to videos for the apps and CMSs you build or adapt, pop your email in the box below and we can talk about creating a set of professional-quality walkthrough videos in a web page you can link your client to.

I’m available to hire

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