It’s been an incredibly fun ride, but like every journey, it has to come to an end.

Poddle has closed its doors, but this doesn’t affect any ongoing shows. The Distraction Engine and Left of the Podium already have existing homes, and your feeds are automatically updated.

Most of my work can be found over at, named after the network’s mascot. It looks similar to the Poddle website but what it’s built on is completely different, and is based on work that will be available for anyone to use. If you know the world of WordPress, you’ll know that you can download any number of plugins and themes. Well, Loda is based on a theme that I’ll be making available, for free, as a companion to the excellent Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.

It hosts new shows – including new episodes of The Distraction Engine – but will carry no idents and will not host any show of which I’m not a presenter. It’s not a network, just a place to stick my past and future audio projects.

The code that made up the games and toys of the site is now available on my Github profile, and the songs that were listed on the store are now back on my Soundcloud page.

Here are some of the things I’m up to right now.

I’m available to hire

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